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A Little About Me…

My music career started in 1964 in Los Angeles California. I joined the school band as a drummer in the fourth grade, and have been playing ever since. I took private lessons for 12 years. I learned as many styles of music as I could. I was the drum section leader in his high school band and played in the Whittier District Honor Band for four years. During that time, I was one of seven drummers picked from hundreds who auditioned to play percussion for the All Southern California Honor Band. I also spent my high school years performing in the Cavaliers Youth Band and other groups. As a high school junior and senior, I was first hired to teach private lessons. During my senior year of high school, I was honored to receive the John Phillips Sousa Award and the Marines Youth Foundation Music Award.

I went to Rio Hondo College in Los Angeles as music major until I joined the Army Band in 1972. I served as a percussionist in the Army Band for over 24 years, traveling the world playing for audiences that included presidents, ambassadors and diplomats. I’ve played on television and radio and have worked in many recording studios.

Between the military and civilian experiences, I have had the opportunity to play a variety of musical styles with many different musical groups. I have performed in concert and marching bands, Dixieland and big bands, and rock, jazz, Latin and percussion ensembles. In addition to the military bands, I’ve played with many different musical groups on the side and teach percussion.

For Drum/Percussion Lessons, Call Dave: 770-314-0722

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